Zel Ecosystem

Zel ID Explained

Why you should use it

Although security has improved with the release of other 2FA solutions, most rely on a centralized infrastructure to generate and authenticate codes.

This allows for a surface area of attack either against the servers or the authentication protocol itself.

Many accounts systems have improved but still require use of your email or phone number as a backup to either an account or your 2FA.

This leaves them vulnerable to a variety of attacks:

  • Using the same password across multiple websites and services
  • Entering passwords on malicious sites
  • SIM swap attacks
  • Data breaches and attacks on centralized infrastructure

How it works

1. Zel ID works with Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets (HD Wallets) and utilizes the blockchain as a decentralized and distributed database. This allows a user to create an account, not by generating and storing a public (address) and private key but instead by utilising a username and password to peform the same action.

2. This enables a user to login on multiple devices with a convenient set of credentials, allowing authentication on multiple platforms through digital signatures.

3. d2FA keeps your account secure by also allowing a user-selectable PIN as a second layer of security.

4. Zel ID, simple and secure authentication, is only strengthened with d2FA by creating an additional layer of security that is immune to exploits that current centralized 2FA systems encounter.

How it protects you

An extra layer of security

By not simply relying on one layer of security (your username and password), the use of d2FA gives your accounts another layer of security. Even if your username and password are compromised, a bad actor has to also know your d2FA PIN to access your account.

Simple sign-in and authentication

Sign in with something as secure as random generated passwords and keys with the extra security of them not needing to be stored physically, enabling you to truly be in control of your digital identity.

A digital ID you control

Secure multi-platform authentication through digital signatures allows 3rd party services and software to authenticate the user without logging in and risking your username and passwords. This is done from within the Zel ID App, allowing you to sign authentication tokens.

Decentralized Two Factor Authentication

It's all said in the name. An extra layer of security without the requirement to trust anyone. Empowering you to be your own custodian and keeping you safe from centralized database breaches and attacks.

Zel ID Easy Login

Create an Easy Login credential separate from your username and password to conveniently access your account via device biometrics (fingerprint/iris) or user-selected pass phrase.

Message Signing

Generate messages signed by your wallet private key to prove your identity as the sender to the message receiver.